IT Management Project

One day, my friend talk to me. he want to start his business,
Plan to employ 500 staffs, divided into 6 departments
(Administation /Human Resource /Information Technology/ Price /Development /Schedule).
Almost all employees daily work in office, a few staffs need travel for business, 
Also there are 3 branch office locate different city.
The office is ready, He want me to make IT management project for him.

Think Before Make the Project

The business is irrelevant computer, just makes work easier by IT Management.
So we need know what's the boss think?
Almost all boss ganna to get the low cost project.
Also the boss expect the project is high security.
For employees, it's best project that easy and simple to operate. 
For IT administrators, It's best project, easy to manage.system/softwear/hardware running smoothly.
therefore we do the project must according to IT security, low cost, easy operate to make the project.

IT Management Project

I do the project as below for my friend


We must be have a IT policy for all staffs

Policy And Rules

1) Forbidden to change any configuration or setting in the computer, as video properties, add/remove printers, drives and software without notifying and receiving approval from the IT Department.

2) Forbidden to move any computer peripheral and the computer itself from its place to another without IT Department’s acknowledgment.

3) All hardware (including UPS) must be shutdown after the workday Except IT department notify keep it on. printers

4) Forbidden to install software by themselves. All software brought in by the users should be checked for virus and installed by IT Department.

5) Forbidden to copy any software from our company to other company or personal use. Users caught copying Company software will be prosecuted to Copyright/Criminal Law and shall be responsible for any result caused and will have their contract terminated.

6) Any equipment given by the Company for home use are under user’s responsibility but the ownership belongs to the company. Users will be accountable for any damage or problem regarding home computers.

7) Any equipment given by the Company for home/external use must be returned in case of resignation, termination or upon request

8) Any accounts information given by company cannot be shared. All systems are monitored and we keep logs for all computer operations. If you give your password to other user and in case of any problem the system shows your name, you will be responsible.

9) New staff get computer after receive a training explaining the rules and some basic operations.

10) Keep all inportant files to network share folders. Files saved in local computer have no backup and are not protected by daily backup.

11) Must shutdown the computer on time when requested by IT department. Failed to do so, they will have the account locked and it will be unlocked only by an email from the direct manager.

12) Mini disk, memory sticks, USB driver, digital cameras, Laptops, PDAs and any other kind of storages, cannot be used without IT Department authorization.

13) Must keep their computers, monitors, keyboards are clean. Protect the monitor and keyboard in the end of the working day with the dust cover.

14) Forbidden to use our e-mail system to send/receive/transfer/propagate private messages.

15) Must avoid opening any attached file received through Internet when they don’t know the sender or what the file contents are strange.

16) Delete files that unuseful frequently, delete mails unuseful frequently to save the resources. oganize share folders and mails to make your work easy.

17) For job responsibility, you may have permission to access Internet.just go the website relate business purposes only

We must be have IT traning for new staff.

Traning Material

1) Computer Basic Knowledge:

Hardware: Network share folders : some special programs

2) Internal communication Program

How to use…..

3) Mail client software

How to use…..

4) Antivirus

How staff need to avoid….. virus source …..

5) HelpDesk

How to do when you face computer problem…………

6) Explain IT policy and rules.

Networks & Servers

We must building server room, buy servers switchs, make the network project according to the office layout, Recommendation to buy Server brand IBM or DELL, Switch brand can be Cisico or H3C. network cable brand can be commscops or AMP, the cable cabinets and the patch panel and others acording to the budget to buy. Connect 10M internet fiber, Aply domain ( can apply china telecom VPN if have enough budgets.

Firewall -Freeware

Install software firewall Linux iptables or squid or pfsense, for Lan and Wan internet security.

DNS -Freeware

Install linux bind DNS to resolve all host and domain.

DHCP -Freeware

Install linux dhcpd server to control all Lan network assign IP.

File Servers-freeware

Install linux samba file server.

PDC -Freeware

Install linux samba PDC and windows features server remote administation

AntiVirus Server

Kaspersky or Symantic.



Local administrator: admin /Domain user: username.

Remote control tools: TightVNC

For the mail client and office software, choose freeware or MS office according to budget.


ARCserver tape backup and feebsd snapshot Or HDD backup.

IT team position

Manager: IT team leader, control anything of IT team.

Secretary: Do some job documents/purchase/outside fixed….

network: Responseability servers networks.

support: Responsability workstations.